Sydney Brown (she/her) is a Senior Designer based in Washington, DC.  

Overthinking leads to overdoing so she's opted to keep things simple. 

Her approach to design is freshly energetic balancing a healthy enthusiasm for color with bold contrast and crisp typography.

In her spare time, Sydney enjoys cosplaying for her 10,000 Instagram followers, analyzing film, and eating lots and lots of sushi.

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Current and Former Clients


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"[Her work] is really beautiful and dynamic." – Rep, Save the Children

 "It really works perfectly for the vision ...  and we've gotten nothing but positive feedback." – Kristen W., Former Client 

"I absolutely love her work." – Ed Wilburn, former Vice President of Global Design, General Motors

"Thank you to Sydney for her talent in making our vision come to life! We are grateful to be recognized, especially by the White House." — Rep, HHS ASPA Digital

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"Never be too nervous or too proud to ask for help. As a woman in design, you feel the boy’s club energy at times. We have the need to work harder, work longer so show our skills and talents ... There’s a feeling in adequacy when asking for help with the technical aspects of our jobs ... There’s nothing worse than doing things on your own to have everything turn out wrong."



BFA, Graphic Design St. John's University 2015

Design Focus: Digital Design, Social Media, Brand Development, Photograph Composites and Logo Design.


2017, MarCom Platinum Award for ACAP "Medicaid is US" campaign.

2021, PRSA's Integrated Communication, Government Agency Certificate of Excellence for "Promoting Public Health and Safety During COVID-19."




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